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1. Getting started
1.1 IntroductionBreakdown of the IELTS Reading test based on the latest IELTS Reading exam format, with question types, passage types, and required skills.
2. Skills development
2.1 Fact vs opinionLearn to distinguish between fact and opinion. This skill comes in handy in the Reading section of the IELTS test.
2.2 Understanding paraphraseSee how texts are paraphrased in the IELTS Reading test.
2.3 Making inferencesLearn how to extract accurate meaning from text in the IELTS Reading test. Making inferences is key to ace the IELTS Reading test.
2.4 Structure of paragraphsHow are paragraphs formed in English? What types of paragraphs do you get in the IELTS Reading test. Find out here.
3. Question types
3.1 Fill in the blanksRead our explanation of the Fill in the Blanks questions in the IELTS Reading test. Learn the tips and tricks to solve fill in the blanks.
3.2 Short answer questionsLearn how to attempt short answer questions in the IELTS Reading test. There is also a practice Reading passage to judge your progress.
3.3 Multiple choice questionsMultiple choice questions are among the most difficult question types in the IELTS Reading test. So, learn the tips and tricks here.
3.4 Matching sentence endingsLearn how to answer the Matching Sentence Endings questions in the IELTS Reading test. We have tips and tricks as well as practice questions.
3.5 Matching headingsSome consider Matching Headings questions the most difficult in the IELTS Reading test. With our tips and tricks, you will ace IELTS Reading.
3.6 True, False, Not Given / Yes, No, Not GivenWhat are the differences between True, False, Not Given and Yes, No, Not Given questions in IELTS Reading? Read tips and tricks to solve them.
3.7 Diagram labelingDiagram labeling questions are sometimes asked in the IELTS Reading test. Read the tips and tricks for such questions and try the mock test.
3.8 Classification / MatchingSome IELTS Reading questions ask you to classify information into different categories or match with the best option. Learn tips and tricks.
3.9 Global multiple choice questionA Global Multiple Choice Question in the IELTS Reading test asks you about the main idea of the entire passage. There is a shortcut.
3.10 Locating informationThe best tips and strategies to accurately solve the Locating Information questions in the IELTS Reading test. Free practice test included.
4. Miscellaneous
4.1 The Reading answer sheetA sample of the answer sheet you get for the Reading test.
4.2 Filling in answersWhat do the instructions in the IELTS Reading test such as ONE WORD ONLY and NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER mean?
4.3 Score calculationConvert your raw scores of IELTS Reading into a 9-band scale by the help of this online calculator based on latest data.