IELTS Reading Diagram Labeling Tips

In IELTS Reading Diagram Labeling, you will be provided with a diagram of an object described in the passage.

You have to select a word or a phrase from the text to label different sections of the diagram.

The instructions before the questions tell you the word limit.

The information in the text may not be given in the same order as the questions.

Read and understand all the questions before searching for the answers. Each question has keywords which tell you what type of word or phrase to search for in the text.

Most of the times, you have to scan the passage to find the synonym of the keywords in the question.

Although the answers may not be present serially in the text, they will all be present in the same area of the text.

IELTS Reading Diagram Labeling practice

The animal cell
All living organisms are made up of cells. They are microscopic units of life which integrate together to forms tissues and organs in our bodies.

Although plant cells have a protective outer layer called the cell wall, it is lacking in animal cells. Instead, the outer layer of animal cells is a semi-permeable layer called cell membrane, which encloses all the smaller organelles within a cell.

At the center of an animal cell, there is a round-shaped organelle called the nucleus. Each cell has only one nucleus and it is the control center of cells.

The material all around the nucleus within the cell membrane is the cytoplasm. It is a gel-like material that contains the organelles of a cell like ribosomes, centrosomes, microfilaments, and microtubules.

The cell membrane houses another crucial organelle called the mitochondria. These are oval-shaped entities which generate power for the cell to function.

Label the diagram below.

Choose ONE WORD ONLY from the passage for answer.

Write your answers in boxes on your answer sheet.

The animal cell

simple diagram of an animal cell
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1. cytoplasm, 2. nucleus, 3. semi-permeable/protective

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