IELTS Reading Short answer questions

In IELTS Reading Short Answer Questions, you have to select a word or a phrase from the text which answers the (who, what, when, where, how, which) question.

The instructions before the questions tell you the word limit.

The answers can be found in the text in the same order as the questions.

Start by reading and understanding the first question. Each question has keywords which tell you what type of word or phrase to search for in the text.

Most of the times, you have to scan the passage to find the synonym of the keywords in the question.

After finding the first answer, move to the second question and so on. The next answers will always be below the last answer in the text.

IELTS Reading Short answer questions practice

Nepal set to face the Lord’s battle
Undefeated in their tour of England so far, Nepal Cricket Team is set to face the real purposeful battle as they go head to head against the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) on Tuesday at the Lord’s Cricket Ground which is considered as the “holy grail of cricket”.

The match is all set to mark a historic moment the Nepali cricket players and the fans. The game is part of official celebrations to mark the bicentenary of relations between Nepal and the United Kingdom.

The MCC, the world’s oldest cricket club, is expected to field a strong team against Nepal, as players are beaming with confidence in the wake of their unscathed performance in the tour so far where they won all of their practice matches.

“We saw during our November tour (of Nepal) that there are a lot of talented cricketers in the Nepali team, so I will be selecting a strong MCC team which will hopefully provide a very entertaining spectacle for everyone. MCC has an excellent working relationship with Cricket Association Nepal (CAN) and this fixture will only enhance that,” said MCC Head of Cricket John Stephenson.

Nepali players would leave no stone unturned to cherish this moment and make it a memorable one. Skipper Paras Khadka is all geared up for the showdown.

“We are happy, proud and privileged to get this opportunity. Not everyone gets the opportunity to play at the Lord’s. It’s a historic moment for all the cricketers and everyone involved with Nepali cricket,” expressed Khadka.

Nepal has won all of its practice matches against the likes of Free Foresters Cricket Club, Indian Gymkhana Cricket Club, Club Cricket Conference, and the Eastbourne Cricket Club in their run-up to this game.

“It’s a great day for entire Nepal because we are playing at the Lord’s for the first time. There is a challenge to do well because there will be a huge backing for us,” said Coach Jagat Tamata.

Tamata added that anything – a half century by a batsman or a five-wicket haul by a bowler – will be historical.

He said the players and everyone involved with the team are eagerly awaiting this moment and expressed that the game will be taken as a competition more than a mere friendly.
This text has been adapted from a news article by Bimesh Poudel published in news portal on 19 July 2016. An archive of the original article can be found at

Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.

1 What important occasion between Nepal and the United Kingdom will the cricket match commemorate?

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In this question, “Nepal”, “United Kingdom” and “cricket” are keywords which have to be found in the passage for the answer. Similarly, the words “occasion” and “commemorate” guide us towards specific information.

Beware that you may not find these exact words. Instead, the same information may be given using synonyms.

We can find all of these clues in the second paragraph. The answer is “bicentenary of relations”.

2 In which month did the MCC visit Nepal?

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As the answers come in a serial order, you have to scan the text below the last answer.

In the fourth paragraph, there is quote from an MCC official about a tour of Nepal. So, the answer is “November”.

3 What is the job title of John Stephenson at the MCC?

4 Who is the captain of the Nepali cricket team?

5 What achievement by the bowlers will be considered to be historical according to Coach Tamata?

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3. Head of Cricket, 4. Paras Khadka (skipper means captain), 5. five-wicket haul

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