Best Free and Paid AI Tools For Students in 2024

In 2024, students have access to an amazing array of AI tools that can make studying easier and more efficient. There is a wide range of options available for individuals, whether they’re on a budget or willing to invest in high-quality tools.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best AI tools available for students. We highlight their features and benefits to help you succeed in your academic journey. 

Let’s dive in and discover how these tools can transform your study habits and boost your productivity!

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a secret weapon for students. This AI-powered writing assistant does more than check spelling. It helps you spot grammar errors, suggests clearer phrasing, and even analyzes tone to make sure your writing is just right.

Grammarly has a free version for basic checks, but the premium version offers advanced features like plagiarism detection and genre-specific suggestions. It’s a great tool for students who want to improve their grades, boost their confidence, and save time on proofreading. With Grammarly, you can submit polished work and focus on learning and achieving your academic goals.

2. QuillBot

QuillBot is an advanced AI-powered tool that tackles rewriting with finesse. It offers multiple modes to customize the paraphrased text to your needs. QuillBot provides various features to simplify complex passages. It enhances writing formality and expands ideas to meet word count requirements. It even boasts a grammar checker to ensure your paraphrased text is polished and error-free.

QuillBot has a free version with basic features, but the premium subscription unlocks advanced options like unlimited rewrites and plagiarism checks. It’s a valuable tool for students who want to improve their writing skills and try different stylistic approaches.

3. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool by OpenAI, using the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models (with paid access). It’s great for generating various text formats. Stuck on a writing prompt or need a fresh perspective on an essay? ChatGPT can help by creating blog posts, emails, social media content, and even scripts. It can also translate languages and write different kinds of creative content.

ChatGPT can assist students in overcoming writer’s block and discovering fresh approaches to assignments. Just remember to fact-check and refine the AI-generated content to ensure it’s accurate and fits the academic tone.

4. Gemini

Google Bard (formerly known as Gemini) deserves a mention as a resource for students. This AI assistant, still under development, offers a glimpse into the future of learning. Bard leverages Google’s vast knowledge base to answer your questions in a comprehensive and informative way. 

Bard has the potential to become a powerful learning companion for students. It helps them to delve deeper into subjects, explore diverse perspectives, and solidify their grasp of new information.

5. MathGPT PRO

MathGPT PRO can be your math savior. This AI tool handles all kinds of math problems, from basic algebra to advanced calculus. Unlike a simple calculator, it provides step-by-step explanations. It breaks down complex problems into easy-to-understand parts.

Whether you’re struggling with a concept or need to review it before an exam, MathGPT PRO is a valuable resource for STEM students.

6. CopyAI

CopyAI can be your creative spark. This AI writing assistant specializes in generating various content formats, from blog intros and social media captions to product descriptions and even email marketing copy. 

Stuck staring at a blank page? 

CopyAI provides suggestions and helps you overcome writer’s block. CopyAI is a valuable tool for students to enhance their content creation skills. It explores various writing styles and provides a variety of creative ideas.

7. Gradescope

Grading piles of essays or reading messy handwriting can take up a lot of time for professors. Gradescope is here to help. This online platform handles paper-based, digital, and coding assignments, making the process easier for both instructors and students.

Professors can create rubrics, annotate assignments, and give personalized feedback through a user-friendly interface. Students get clear grading criteria and quick feedback. Gradescope also offers real-time grading stats, helping instructors spot areas where students need more support. Gradescope enhances grading efficiency for both tech-savvy professors and hybrid learning students.

Final Words

In conclusion, the variety of AI tools available in 2024 can significantly enhance your academic experience. From writing assistants like Grammarly and QuillBot to creative aids like ChatGPT and CopyAI, there are tools to fit every need. 

MathGPT PRO can help with complex Math problems, and Gradescope can streamline grading for both students and teachers. Whether you’re looking for free resources or are willing to invest in premium features, these AI tools can boost your productivity, improve your skills, and help you succeed in your studies. 

Explore these tools and make the most of your academic journey!