Review Tools for Students and Teachers in 2024

Plagiarism is a serious problem, especially in the academic context. To cope with this serious problem, the students are taught to present other people’s ideas in their own words and style, this process is called paraphrasing and it is taught as early as in primary school. 

Still, many students don’t have their way with the words and this is the sole reason why they intentionally or unintentionally commit plagiarism. Plagiarism usually occurs when a person doesn’t possess the ability to present ideas in their own words and copies most words and styles of others. 

Plagiarism can lead to excruciating circumstances like kicking out of school or lawsuits. So, to protect you from plagiarism I’m here with an amazing online tool for plagiarism checking. The name of this tool is called plagiarism checker AI. 

In this blog, I’ll tell you all about So, let’s begin!!

Introduction to is a well-developed tool that uses Artificial intelligence technology to detect plagiarism in your text. The plagiarism once detected can be easily removed by paraphrasing the lines and citing the source. This plagiarism checker offers automatic paraphrasing through its advanced AI so it is perfect for users who are not good with words or have trouble removing plagiarism. 

Working of

This plagiarism checker online works in 3 simple steps which are listed below: 

  1. Analysis – the plagiarism checker analyzes your text. 
  2. Comparison – your text is now compared with the text on vast databases to identify any instances of plagiarism. 
  3. Results – the results of the comparison are digitized and made available for the users. 


Using the AI plagiarism checker online is a piece of cake. It is very simple and quick and can be done in just a few minutes. The steps involved are mentioned below:

  1. Open the plagiarism checker online by visiting the website:
check for plagiarism free
  1. You’ll encounter a dialogue box. You can either copy and paste your text on the given box or just upload a file containing text. Choose whatever suits you. 
Grammarly plagiarism checker
  1. Once the text is uploaded, start the processing of the tool by clicking on the “Check Plagiarism” button.
Plagiarism checker online
  1. Within minutes the results will be provided. The results are compressive and contain the plagiarism percentage, the color highlighting of plagiarized text, and the list of sources that are possibly plagiarized. You can also download the plagiarism report. 
check for plagiarism free
  1. The unique feature of this tool is plagiarism bypassing, simply scroll your cursor to the red highlighted text and once the “bypass” option appears, click on it, and within a few seconds the text will be paraphrased and made original. You can copy the text and paste it into the desired file or location without worrying about plagiarism. 
grammarly plagiarism checker

See, I told you it is super simple and quick!

Characteristics of

Plagiarism checker AI offers multiple characteristics that its contemporary tools lack, let’s have a look at these features below:

  1. Advanced Plagiarism Check:

This plagiarism checker is an advanced AI tool that provides deep plagiarism checks and accurately identifies direct and indirect plagiarism. 

Direct plagiarism is using the same wording as the original contributor and indirect plagiarism means changing the words but keeping the same style and organization as the original contributor. 

  1. Color Differentiation: 

This tool highlights the plagiarized and unplagiarized text to make the distinction between both. The plagiarized part of the text is highlighted in red while the unplagiarized or unique text is in green. 

  1. Percentages: 

The 15% of plagiarism is considered acceptable in academic writing. This tool provides the percentages of unique text and plagiarized text so that the user can know how much amendment is required. 

  1. Sources List:

Plagiarism occurs when you don’t provide the credit where it is due. The original contributor must be cited to acknowledge their endeavors and contributions. This AI plagiarism checker provides a list of sources that are plagiarized so the user can cite them to remove the plagiarism. 

Hover over the red highlighted sentences and you’ll get the sources of each sentence one by one, this makes citing easier and not confusing. 

  1. Downloadable Reports: 

This tool provides downloadable reports of the plagiarism check. The report is in PDF format and can be shared with anyone. This feature is helpful for teachers who want to inform their students about how much plagiarism they have committed in their assignments. 

  1. Bypassing: 

Bypassing is the unique characteristic of this tool which I never encountered anywhere in my 7 years of blogging journey. 

This tool uses AI paraphrase to paraphrase the plagiarized text and make it unique in just a few seconds. The meaning stays the same but ideas are presented in different words and styles. 

  1. Processing Time:

This tool with its advanced AI technology provides results of plagiarism checking in just a couple of seconds. It is super duper fast and saves a lot of time.

  1. Context Window:

The context window of this tool is 25,000 words meaning it can detect plagiarism in 25,000 words a a time. To give you a rough idea, a PhD thesis has about 25,000 words. 

Pricing of

Plagiarism checker online is not free but available at a very reasonable price. There are two subscription options available which are given below:

  1. Basic subscription – it costs $5 per month and a user can check plagiarism in 10,000 words. It is appropriate for students. 
  2. Advanced subscription – it costs $10 per month and a user can check plagiarism in 100,000 words. It is appropriate for teachers. 


In short, after viewing and looking at its working, usage, characteristics, and pricing, it is quite clear that it is the best tool for teachers and students to check plagiarism in academic texts. The teachers can use it for evaluating student’s writing while students can use it to ensure their writing doesn’t contain plagiarism. In essence, is the best plagiarism checker available online.