IELTS Listening Part 3

two women and a man talking

The audio in IELTS Listening Part 3 of the Listening test is a group discussion in an academic setting. You will hear two or three speakers converse about something happening inside a university. Usually, you will hear college students having a conversation among themselves or with faculty about assignments, presentations, classes, libraries, or lectures.

More often than not you will encounter multiple choice questions in IELTS Listening Part 3. These are usually difficult because the options may confuse you. You might also get fill in the blanks, matching, or short answer questions.

In addition, since this is a group discussion, usually among friends, speakers will use a lot of idioms and colloquial expressions. Similarly, the speakers may not talk in turns and cut each other off.

What is more, since there are multiple speakers, you have to recognize them by their voice. Sometimes, you need to figure out what the speakers are saying from their tone of voice.

Like in Part 1 and Part 2, the audio recording in Part 3 is also broken into two.

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