PTE Repeat Sentence: The perfect way to practice in 2024

In PTE Repeat Sentence questions, test takers are presented with an audio recording of a sentence, and then asked to repeat the sentence exactly as they heard it. This is the second scored item in the Speaking section.

In the Pearson Test of English, this question type tests the test taker’s ability to understand spoken English and their pronunciation skills. The test taker is given a few seconds to prepare before the recording is played, and then a few seconds to repeat the sentence after the recording has finished. The test taker’s response is then recorded and scored for accuracy.

Repeat Sentence questions carry the highest marks among all other questions in the PTE test. More on that later.

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PTE Repeat Sentence Format

A test taker will get 10 to 12 Repeat Sentence questions. Each sentence is played once only. As soon as the sentence ends, you have to repeat as much of it as possible. The length of the sentences are between 3 and 9 seconds. You will be given 15 seconds to answer each question.

After you finish repeating a sentence, press next on the screen to go to the next question and so on.

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How is PTE Repeat Sentence scored?

An answer in the PTE Repeat Sentence is judged on a scale of 0 to 13. Out of that 3 is for Content. You get 3 out of 3 in Content, if you repeat all the words from the question. If you repeat half of the words correctly, you get 2 out of 3, while you get 1 out of 3 if the response is 25 percent accurate. If the response doesn’t match 25 percent of the words in the question, then you get 0.

The next criterion is Pronunciation. It is judged on a scale of 0 to 5, with 5 being native-like use of the language and 0 being unrecognizable or inarticulate English. The third criterion Fluency is also judged in the same manner. The full score of 5 is given if the fluency is native-like, whereas scores will drop for less-fluent answers.

In the total scheme of things, PTE Repeat Sentence questions carry 14.39 percent of the overall score. Alternately, 32 out of 90 score in Speaking depends on Repeat Sentence questions. These questions also carry marks for the Listening section as almost 20 out of 90 in Listening depends on Repeat Sentence.

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PTE Repeat Sentence Tips

Repeat Sentence questions may seem an uphill climb in the beginning. Not only do you have to understanding and remember what is said, you also have to repeat it with accuracy, proper pronunciation and fluency.

So, start with simple sentences. Begin with simple sentences and gradually increase the complexity of the sentences. This will help you to build your skills and confidence.

Make a habit of listening to spoken English. Listen to English speakers as much as possible, such as podcasts, news broadcasts, and movies. This will help you to get used to different accents and speaking styles.

When you listen to different forms of media, try to repeat after the speaker. Listen to a sentence and then repeat it out loud. This will help you to develop your memory and pronunciation skills.

You can also try to record yourself. Use a recording device to record yourself repeating sentences. This will help you to identify areas where you need to improve.

There are many online resources available that provide practice materials for the PTE Repeat Sentence section. These resources include websites, YouTube videos, and mobile apps.

  1. Forvo: Forvo is a free online pronunciation guide that provides audio pronunciations of words in English and other languages.
  2. ELSA Speak: ELSA Speak is a free mobile app that uses AI technology to help users improve their English pronunciation and fluency.
  3. Speechling: Speechling is a free online tool that provides personalized pronunciation feedback from native English speakers.
  4. English Central: English Central is a free online platform that provides video-based language learning resources, including pronunciation and fluency exercises.
  5. YouTube: There are many YouTube channels that provide pronunciation and fluency exercises, including Learn English with, BBC Learning English, and Anglo-Link.

Use all the resources to sound more like native English speakers. I would go as far as to suggest you mimic native speakers: Try to mimic the intonation, stress, and pronunciation of native English speakers. This will help you to sound more natural and fluent.

As with everything, regular practice is the key. Practice the PTE Repeat Sentence section regularly, preferably every day. This will help you to build your skills and improve your performance.

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Listen carefully

The most important tip for the PTE Repeat Sentence section is to listen carefully to the sentence that is played. Make sure to pay close attention to the sentence structure, intonation, stress, and other elements of spoken English.

Understand the meaning

Try to understand the meaning of the sentence as quickly as possible. This will help you to remember the sentence more easily and repeat it accurately.

Remember key words

Try to remember key words and phrases in the sentence, as these will help you to reconstruct the sentence more easily. Focus on the main subject, verb, and object of the sentence.

Use mental imagery

Try to create a mental image of the sentence as you hear it. This can help you to remember the sentence more easily and reproduce it accurately.

Practice with a variety of accents

The PTE test features a range of accents, so it’s important to practice with a variety of different accents. Listen to English speakers from different regions of the world, and practice repeating sentences in different accents.

Avoid speaking too quickly

Make sure to speak clearly and at a comfortable pace. Avoid speaking too quickly, as this can make it difficult to pronounce words accurately and convey the meaning of the sentence.

Use your grammatical knowledge

If you could not hear the sentence properly or when you cannot remember the sentence, use your knowledge of grammar to complete the sentence. In most cases, we can guess what the right word might be if we have the knowledge of syntax.

Pro trick: Never have hesitations in your speech. If you remember only a few words from the sentence, complete it with other random words in a fluent manner. You might still get a very high score doing that.

PTE Repeat Sentence Practice Questions

To help candidates prepare for this section, we have compiled a list of sample questions that can be downloaded in PDF format. These sample questions include a range of sentence structures and vocabulary, and they are designed to simulate the types of questions that a candidate may encounter on the test. Most of these questions have already been used in the actual PTE test, and there is a high chance they will be repeated.

By practicing with these sample questions, you can build your confidence, and perform better on the PTE test.

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