A list of As As Similes: Simple and fun!

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As As similes are a great way to display one’s knowledge of the English language. So, what is an “as…as simile”?

A simile (pronounced see-me-lee) is a figure of speech used in English to compare one thing to another. “As something as something” is a very common simile structure although there are many types of similes.

Two common examples of simile would be “as brave as a lion” and “as straight as an arrow”.

Learn these very common “as as similes” and use them in your next IELTS Speaking exam. Using these kinds of similes while speaking in IELTS demonstrates that you have quite a familiarity with the language.


as ageless as the sun
as agile as a monkey
as ambitious as the devil


as big as an elephant
as black as coal
as blind as a bat
as blind as a mole
as blue as the sky
as boundless as the ocean
as brave as a lion
as bright as light
as busy as a bee

Question: Should people spend less time on social media?

Answer: Of course. The fun and meaningful activities which we can perform outdoors are as boundless as the ocean. So, people should prioritize real life over virtual life.


as cheap as dirt
as cheerful as a lark
as clean as a whistle
as clear as a bell
as clear as crystal
as cold as ice
as cool as a cucumber
as cunning as a fox


as dead as a doornail
as deaf as a post
as deep as the ocean
as distant as the horizon
as dry as a bone
as dumb as a statue


as easy as ABC


as faithful as a dog
as fast as light
as fit as a fiddle
as free as a bird
as fresh as a daisy


as gentle as a lamb
as gloomy as the night
as good as gold
as graceful as a swan
as green as grass

What are the most important English words?


as happy as a lark
as hard as nails
as helpless as a baby
as high as the stars
as hungry as a bear
as hungry as a wolf


as innocent as a lamb


as large as life
as light as a feather
as light as air


as mad as a hornet


as old as the hills


as pale as death
as plain as day
as poor as a church mouse
as proud as a peacock
as pure as snow


as quick as a wink
as quick as lightning
as quick as silver


as red as blood
as regular as clockwork


as sharp as a razor
as sly as a fox
as smooth as silk
as solid as a rock
as sound as a bell
as steady as a rock
as straight as an arrow
as strong as an ox
as stubborn as a mule

Question: Tell me about your friends.

Answer: I have two very close friends: Luis and Veronica. While Luis is as stubborn as a mule, Veronica is as gentle as a lamb. We have fun together.


as thin as a rake
as timid as a rabbit
as tough as leather
as tough as nails
as transparent as glass


as white as snow
as wise as an owl

Similes derive meaning through analogy by comparing one thing to another. While most analogies may be straightforward, some require logical reasoning and intelligence to figure out. Click here » to take a quick test on your ability to detect analogies.

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